Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Time after time.

I can't believe how often I'm caught unprepared for the stupid and sick things that people do. It's enough that everyone is living in my city (without my permission), sometimes stinking it up with armpit stench or old automobile exhaust, but it gets worse. I was at the grocery store the other day, and I walked into a cloud of fart that someone had left behind for me. I don't normally 'crop dust' without having a specific target, but noone could've been targeting me because they weren't even there to know who was coming. Not only did their Shrek-like stench nearly make me gag, but they didn't hang around for me to suggest a proctology appointment.

A few hours later, I went to the library to study and gather some materials. I sat down at a carrel and almost immediately touched someone's still wet booger left behind under the edge of the table. Twice in one day!


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