Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The future is gone.

I just found out that the last of the foam Xanadu houses was demolished in October. How did this not make national news? While everyone was reading about frivlous news like bird flu, the future of history (or history of future) was razed in Kissimmie, Florida. I remember visiting one of them in Gatlinburg, Tennessee sometime during the eighties. It was already getting out of date in some ways. At the time, CDs were already available, but Xanadu's 'futuristic' sound system featured a vertically-mounted linear tracking turntable instead. Much of the home automation was controlled by Apple ][+ computers, when our forward-looking family already had the much more sophisticated //c. The only thing that Xanadu had that I've yet to see in common use is the inductive magnetic range top. It's still kind of sad for me, as I loved seeing and visiting Xanadu, but it's gone forever. It's a wonder that it got any visitors in 1996 when it finally closed to the public.


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