Monday, December 12, 2005


You ever realize that the future depicted in Back to the Future is now only 10 years away? We're closer to the future now than we are to the movie, but a few things are missing.
1. The flying cars. This has been a dream since at least the fifties, and it's still a bad idea. Someone may make it happen sometime.
2. The holographic movie trailer that nearly scared Marty to death. I can't say I'm too anxious for this one, either.
3. Impossible to open Pepsi bottles. It looks to me as if the bottles and cans of today will probably make it that long.
4. The double tie. Old Marty, Needles, and The Jitz have a bizzare collar setup on their shirts that allows a mirror-image double tie set. Better make sure this one is perfect before being released on the public.
5. The fresh fruit dispenser. The thing that came out of the cieling that seemed to grow fresh fruit is a good idea, except that it would require some maintenance. Also, cops don't like people that keep grow lites hidden in their homes.
6. Dust resistant paper.
7. Max Headroom-ized waiter resembling Michael Jackson, Ayatollah Khomeini, etc. Keep it.
8. Self-cinching shoes; self-sizing, self-drying jacket. I kind of like this one.
9. Thumb-activated door. This one is ready for reality, but I don't want one. Since I read that a clever Japanese researcher was able to fool one with a photo-mould and a gummi bear...
10. Light up curbs.

Sorry, Cubbies. Ten more years.


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